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One last thing before you go...

Top 11 Things to Remember as You End Your Elementary School Years

  1. Always be true to yourself and be kind. (Mrs. Costain)

  2. Have fun, be kind and always do your best. (Ms. Haring)

  3. When you stumble, which you will, just tell everyone it’s a new dance you learned on Tik Tok! (Mrs. Hayes)

  4. Just because something is DIFFICULT doesn’t mean you shouldn’t TRY.  It means you should try HARDER. (Mrs. Jacob)

  5. Be organized - know what is due and keep good notes.  Eat your veggies, be kind and smile every day! (Mrs. Roberts) 

  6. Work hard but have fun (Mrs. Nichols)

  7. Keep reading!  You will have to read for the rest of your life whether it’s for school/college, directions for anything, a recipe or at your job.  You may have a job that won’t require math skills every day but, no matter what, you will always have to read! (Ms. Sagona)

  8. Be kind, pursue your dreams and remember to always be “YOU”! (Mrs. Taylor)

  9. Kindness is the heart of success and inner happiness.  It has never weakened anyone but made them stronger.  Work hard in all you do and you’ll be successful. (Mrs. Terwilliger)

  10. Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things! (Mrs. Thomas)

  11. Believe in yourself, follow your passions, keep it all in perspective and enjoy the journey. (Ms. Wuerfel)

Best of luck in middle school!  It is now time to stretch your wings and FLY!

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