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NTES 2020 Election

On Monday, November 2, 2020, our HAWKS participated in a mock election designed to give students a simulated experience of being at the polls, all while using a kid friendly ballot with questions they can understand and care about. Voting booths were set up in the media center, so that students could cast their ballots in private. An electronic system (a Google form) was used so results were counted right away.  No hanging chads at New Town Elementary! 


The first item on the ballot for the NTES 2020 Election was to vote between an extra 5 minutes of lunch OR recess.  Ask any student and they will tell you lunch and recess are definitely a priority of their school day! Our HAWKS were heard loud and clear in the choice between extra lunch OR recess – 75% of voters selected  5 more minutes of recess.  The best part of the election?  An extra 5 minutes of recess was given the day the results were announced!

In the second vote, there was a solid majority win for the incumbent, Swooper, as he held his title as the name for our mascot.  Congratulations to Swooper for collecting nearly half the votes to keep his name. In an unofficial exit poll, the name “Wingo Starr” received several endorsements from New Town Teachers.  Apparently students are attached to the name “Swooper” as several were overheard worrying about his name changing!

We appreciate everyone for coming out to the polls, and participating!  Although pens were not handed out, everyone received an “I Voted” sticker. A special thank you to our Media Coordinator, Mrs. Cunningham, for creating an immersive learning experience for our HAWKs!

 I voted