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JROTC Visits Local Airports

group On October 16, 2018 Lt Col Kelly and SMSgt Reid traveled with 24 cadets on a field trip to the Concord Regional and Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airports. Those who went had an opportunity to learn about many general and commercial aviation career fields.  The first stop was the Concord Regional Airport, where they visited three main sites: a hangared $7 million Carolinas Healthcare System helicopter used for medical evacuation, specially trained firefighters and their truck at the fire station, and lastly the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) facility at the commercial terminal that serves Allegiant Airlines.  At the helicopter cadets were able to take a look inside and talk to two crew members who treat patients on it. Also, some cadets donned aircrew helmets and sat in the back of the helicopter. At the fire station, cadets learned about rapid response requirements for aircraft emergencies on the airfield. Firefighters demonstrated their high pressure water and foam cannons on the truck.  Finally, TSA personnel demonstrated their security procedures at the airport. Cadets learned from them how the metal detector works when people are scanned before boarding airplanes, and what can and can’t be taken aboard flights.

After lunch at Golden Corral, the next stop was the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport. Here cadets got to talk to the manager and learn how he runs the airport. They also climbed inside “The Tinker Bell,” a C-46 transport from World War II that resides permanently at the airport. Outside it people who maintained the plane talked to cadets about its history and current uses. Near the end cadets had a group photo with the plane in the background.  After the tour cadets returned to Parkwood at 3:00, just in time for the bus. All in all it was a very fun and informative trip!

Tinker Belle

Written by: Cadet Liam Thomas, AFJROTC Public Affairs Flight Commander