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Parkwood’s Chamber Women’s Choir Performs at Turning Point’s Domestic Violence Ceremony

Choir On Thursday, October 4, twelve members of Parkwood’s Chamber Women’s Choir performed at Turning Point’s Domestic Violence Ceremony.  Turning Point is an organization devoted to victims of domestic violence, and it offers a shelter to victims as well as a crisis hotline and outreach programs.  The Domestic Violence Ceremony on October 4 honored all of the people in North Carolina who died of domestic abuse over the past year. In addition to the performance by Chamber Women’s Choir, there was a performance by CATA students, as well as artwork by Marvin Ridge students.

Chamber Women’s Choir performed one song after an invocation and an introduction.  The song is called “Letter from a Girl to the World” and was composed by Andrea Ramsey.  The lyrics of the song were written by 7th and 8th grade girls in Washington Junior High School in Arkansas in a collaboration with the composer.  Themes of the song include empowerment, hope and inspiration, and growing up. At the end of the song, statements about what girls wish for are spoken.  Chamber Women’s Choir wrote statements specifically for the ceremony. These statements reflected the range of emotions that domestic violence survivors experience as they look to the future.  Individual singers spoke the statements out loud and also held signs up they made in class for each statement read aloud. Some of the statements included “I want everyone to know their self worth” and “I want to choose the life that I live.”

Chamber Women’s Choir members were glad to be part of the Domestic Violence Ceremony.  “It was an honor to be able to attend the ceremony and sing,” says senior Hunter Bass.  “Listening to them call out names of the people that have unfortunately passed because of domestic violence was very humbling.”  Mrs. Sims appreciated the opportunity for the students to perform. “It is so important for us to participate in community performances, especially those that are a service to others.”

Alexandra Sims, Choral Director