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Meet Ms. Onley, Guidance Counselor

Onley Meet Ms. Terri Onley one of Parkwood's new guidance counselors. Mrs. Onley went to Appalachian State for her first three years of school then transferred to UNCC for her last year. For her graduate degree she went to Winthrop University. Before coming to Parkwood she worked in elementary schools as a counselor for over sixteen years. She enjoys Gamecocks, music, reading and spending time with her family. If she could go anywhere in the world she would love to go back to Aruba because the people were very kind and the weather is beautiful and nice all year. Mrs. Onley has been married for thirty years and has two daughters. She has a terrier mix dog, one cat, and a turtle. Her favorite animal is a dog but if she had to pick her favorite it would be a terrier. Mrs. Onley is having fun at Parkwood learning new things and processes. Please welcome Mrs. Onley if you see her.