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Meet Ms. McClendon, Instructional Assistant

McClendon This is Ms. Kiara McClendon who is also new at Parkwood this year. Ms. McClendon works as a teacher assistant in one of the EC classes. She began her career with the school system about two years ago as a math tutor for seventh grade. She plans to start teaching as soon as she finishes her degree at UNC Charlotte in December 2021. Her favorite teacher growing up was Ms. Coffy because she always would stay on top of her and make sure she was doing her work because she saw the potential. Ms. McClendon loves the atmosphere here at Parkwood and the staff has been very welcoming. Ms. McClendon has four children and no pets, however she does love small dogs. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Paris because she wants to see the world and would want to start there.