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Parkwood High teacher is UCPS’s first CTE Teacher of the Year

Carolyn Hoobler, a family and consumer science teacher at Parkwood High School, is the first recipient of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) award. This award honors a CTE teacher who has made significant contributions toward innovative and unique career and technical education programs and has shown a professional commitment to their field.

Hoobler was teaching students a new recipe when her principal and central office administrators surprised her with the news. A timely surprise since it is Teacher Appreciation Week. Her students put down their cooking utensils to applaud as she received her plaque.

Hoobler has taught at Parkwood High for eight years. She said she was grateful, humbled and honored to be selected.

"I serve out of gratitude to those people from my youth that supported me. I want to be the shoulders students can stand on and be there for them as others have been there for me," said Hoobler. "I want my students to have a good start when they leave high school.

Some of Hoobler's former students have enrolled at Johnson & Wales University to further their education in the culinary field, with some working as chefs in various roles.

"I have one former student who became a chef and went to Monroe Hospital to work with dieticians to help prepare meals," said Hoobler. "That is one example of the many doors and opportunities that can open in this field."

Senior Morgan Moore took Hoobler's class because she aspires to own a bakery.

"I love cooking and baking. These classes were a step in the right direction for my future," said Morgan. "Her classes have been talked about since I was a freshman because everyone loves them. There is a lot of hands-on learning, and I like that." 

There is something for everyone in Hoobler's classes. Augustine Moreno enrolled in her class to learn how to cook for himself. He comes from a line of chefs. His sister is a chef in the Navy, and his mother and father went to culinary schools.

"Learning to cook is a way to become independent before enlisting in the army," said Augustine. "I thought about becoming a military chef, but that might be too much competition in one household."

The students were not the only ones to see the passion and dedication Hoobler displays daily.  

"To me, Ms. Hoobler is the CTE Teacher of the Year every day," said Principal Dr. Tracy Strickland. "I am incredibly proud to have her. She is an amazing teacher who cultivates meaningful relationships with students. She does the real work with them every single day. She is the epitome of what a CTE teacher is."

Hoobler will go on to compete at the state level.

From UCPS Website