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The future of Lady Wolf Pack basektball is bright

Parkwood Women’s Basketball is approaching its 2022-2023 season, coming off of a historic season. Last season, the Lady Wolf Pack fought their way to become the 2022 Rocky River Conference Champions. Highly underrated, the pre-season coaches poll had them ranked fourth in the conference. The Lady Wolf Pack not only dominated the conference, finishing 9-1, but they also dethroned back-to-back Conference Champions, Forest Hills, to do so. To further solidify Parkwood’s stronghold on the conference, the Pack secured Player of the Year in phenom shooter, Shimaya Taylor. Jesse Boyce, the coach of the girls, also was rewarded with the title of Coach of the Year.

The success the Lady Wolf Pack had last season could not have been done without five of the most influential players this program has seen. These girls include Grace Crocker, Shimaya Taylor, Madison Tullock, Victoria Thompson, and last but definitely not least, Emma Barnes. Each of these seniors brought something unique and influential to the Wolf Pack’s dynamic last year. We had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Boyce and reflect on their season and the roles each player had. Here’s what he had to say.

“All five girls we graduated were individually a very big part of what we did. Shimaya was like our lightning rod, our wow factor, our phenom shooter, and she was the one that drew a lot of people’s attention. Although a lot of people look at our success and see Shimaya and what she has done, Emma Barnes was extremely instrumental in the success we had. Our offense is predicated on how our defense plays. Emma Barnes is the best defender I have ever coached. She had the best motor, the best attitude, and the best character of probably any kid I’ve ever coached. 

Madison Tullock was a kid for us that we do a lot of short corner attacks with, and there’s not a lot of glory in that role. We had a really good spot-up shooter in Grace Crocker, who also really understood her role and had an amazing attitude. Another kid with incredible character. Finally, not to overlook Victoria Thompson. She was the best energy on the bench we could have ever had. She was ineligible for a lot of the year, so her season was kind of short. By the time she was eligible to play, we had other people overtaking her position. So it was hard to get her on the floor as much as we would have liked. 

That group of seniors were really good at understanding a role and being comfortable as well as confident in those roles. Not being anything other than what we asked them to be.  Parkwood has always been underrepresented in Union County, in spite of continued success. That is something we are trying to change. We are consistently successful and consistently underestimated.” 

Coach Boyce and the Lady Wolf Pack have fought long and hard to get the recognition they deserve and it’s finally coming their way. 

They are very optimistic for this season and are ecstatic about some newcomers they have. Although the program has 8 seniors graduating this year, this team has a bright future ahead of them. 

Written by: Shaylee Martin