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2018 Hispanic Summit

2018 Hispanic Summit Nineteen UCPS students from Monroe High School, Monroe Middle, Porter Ridge Middle School, Forest Hills High School and Piedmont High School participated in the 2018 Hispanic Educational Summit. The Summit took place on Friday, March 23rd at the North Carolina State University McKimmon Conference Center in Raleigh, NC.

The Hispanic Summit is organized by the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professional. It is the largest educational summit for Hispanic students in North Carolina. Students had the opportunity to interact with representatives from different colleges. They received first hand information about financial aid, college application process, career choices and other career and college readiness topics.

The program included motivational keynote presentations by Juan Cangas and Shayla Rivera who shared their personal stories to stress the role of education in the improvement of students’ lives. Both speakers embody the amazing difference that acquiring an education makes in life. Their presentations were dynamic and relevant.

The Summit brought together more than 700 students from different counties in the State to help them prepare to effectively face challenges as they work to be productive members of society. Students were able to identify key steps they need to take to complete their high school career and go to college. Besides, they made connections to different educational institutions to further explore their future choices.

The ESL Department is proud to continue the annual tradition of bringing students to this important educational summit.