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Active Collaboration to Promote Higher Education

Active Collaboration to Promote Higher Education Active Collaboration to Promote Higher Education The UCPS ESL Department continues to collaborate with Latino Outreach to share important information to parents and students about the different options students have when planning their higher education careers.

As part of this effort, The ESL Department has participated in different workshops organized by Mr. Gustavo Arevalo, Latino Outreach Coordinator, at different UCPS high schools.

The ESL Department is proud to assist in these efforts to disseminate new information related to higher education options for students and reinforce the information provided to students and parents at the school level. This is an important element of community and parent outreach done by Latino Outreach in collaboration with the ESL Department and the Federal Programs Department.

Workshops have been delivered at Monroe High, Forest Hills, Porter Ridge and Sun Valley High Schools. The workshops cover important information about college application, financial aid and scholarships available to students. Dr. Maria Lander from South Piedmont Community College facilitates the informational sessions and shares both, her passion and expertise on this topic.

Students and parents who attend the workshops also receive information about other outreach programs and activities offered to the school system and resources available in the community from partners such as LAWA and SPCC.