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Parenting with a Purpose at Walter Bickett Elementary School


For the last 11 years, in September, Walter Bickett Elementary School has hosted the Parenting with a Purpose sessions on Thursday evenings from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. In total, we had two one hour sessions every week in which 37 parents participated. For those 10 that attended all the sessions, a perfect attendance certificate was awarded.  

Below are the six class subjects that were offered.

  • What to do when your child gets sick            
  • Dental Health Workshop 
  • Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol Prevention                        
  • Effective Discipline  
  • Fire Safety in the Home (hosted by the Fire Department)                      
  • Basic CPR / Practice with Mannequins


The next 6-class session will take place at Wingate Elementary starting on October 13, 2022.