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Parkwood Middle School host Inaugural MAD-learn Student Showcase for CSEW 2017

This school year, several classes at Parkwood Middle and High schools are piloting MAD-learn, a web-based curriculum program that teaches mobile app development. The program allows students to learn and execute the fundamentals of mobile apps, including ideation, planning, design, creation, development, marketing, launch and maintenance.  “We are focusing on creating student-centered STEM experiences at Parkwood Middle School, thus our partnership with MAD-learn gives our students a technology-enriched solution for enhancing their college and career readiness skills in middle school and beyond.” said Principal Dr. Jeff Kraftson.

     During National Computer Science Education Week (CSEW), Parkwood Middle School hosted its Inaugural School-wide MAD-learn Student Showcase on December 7th, 2017.   Selected teachers nominated students to showcase their mobile applications to peers, parents, central office administrators and MAD-learn representatives.    Assistant Principal Jacque Pollard kicked off the event with a warm welcome to parents, students, special guests including Superintendent Andrew Houlihan. Ms. Pollard commented on how Parkwood Students have a unique opportunity to create mobile applications to enhance their learning experience. “I had to hide my cell phone in middle school yet one of these students just asked if she could fire up her hotspot!” exclaimed Assistant Principal Pollard.  Middle School Career Development Coordinator Mr. Brian Elliott described that the implementation of MAD-learn was strategic in nature meaning teachers are being trained into three Cohorts for the 2017-2018 school year. “Overall, we should have a good representation of the teachers trained by the end of the school year.” said Mr. Elliott.   Parent Tammy Patterson explained how MAD-learn gave her 7th grade son the opportunity to use creativity and innovation to create a mobile app for showcasing his understanding of a concept in class and express his thoughts in a unique way.  Currently, Parkwood Middle School Students have created several hundred applications since August 2017.


Teachers had an opportunity to share the overview of MAD-learn PBL projects before the students revealed their mobile applications for the audience.


Below are some of the MAD-learn PBL Projects:


  • Design a Mobile Application to honor one of America’s First Revolutions
    • Ms. Sylvia Wendling -  8th Grade Social Studies Class
  • Design a Mobile Application to illustrate your understanding of the Engineering Design Process
    • Ms. Leah Rothrock - 6th Grade Exploring Technology Class
  • Design a Mobile Application to tell a story about you as a Middle School Student
    • Ms. Logan Thayer - 7th Grade Language Arts