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We Support Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is one California woman’s solution to saying “thanks” to our many service men and women.  Many US troops are deployed each year, spending time away from their family and friends to serve and protect us.  Operation Gratitude collects donations and thank you letters from citizens around the country in order to make care packages for our troops.


Molly Russell, 7th grade guidance counselor, decided to get Parkwood Middle School 7th graders involved.  Mrs. Russell presented this project to our 7th graders during their English Language Arts classes.  Students immediately began drafting letters.  Our letters will be sent to California to be included in one of the 250,000 plus care packages volunteers are packing. 


If Parkwood Middle School families would like to participate, send loose letters to Molly Russell.  Here are a few letter writing tips directly from this organization:


*Start with a salutation, “Dear Hero” or “Dear Brave One”

*Write to a: Deployed Troop, Veteran, New Recruit, First Responder

*Express your thanks for their selfless service

*Please do not include the date or year on your letter

*Avoid politics completely and religion in excess; however, saying you are praying for them is wonderful

*Share a little bit about yourself:  Family, Hobbies, Work, School, Pets, Travel

*Adults:  Can include your contact information – Students:  USE FIRST NAMES ONLY and no addresses please

*Can’t find words?  Consider drawing or painting a picture instead; please add a note to kids’ drawings with their age.  Please avoid glitter!

Letter Writing