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Drama Students Study the Art of Advertising

Ms. DePietro's Advanced Drama class has been working on a Defined Stem activty to help focus their advertising campaign for the upcoming production of "Mulan Jr.".

Students in the class were divided into three groups: Data Collection, Poster/Print Ad Design, and Commercial Production. Working together, the class first brainstormed, then narrowed down their ideas to ensure the best turnout possible for the show.

To begin, some students developed and administered surveys to classmates to determine the best methods of advertising and what would grab the attention of the average student. Meanwhile, students in the commercial and print ad design groups were coming up with plans for their content.

Once data was collected from the surveys the students in that group shared the results of questions that helped determine where posters should be placed, content that students would pay attention to, and how the $100 advertising budget they were given should be spent.

The students will roll out their campaign over the next three weeks, culminating in the opening night of "Mulan Jr." on March 7th.