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Renaissance Returns

There is a rebirth of the Renaissance program happening at Parkwood Middle School and students and staff couldn’t be more excited.

It’s no secret that learning and teaching has been quite different this year to say the least. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that there are always students who work hard to be consistent and try their best.  And we still want to reward those students.

The Renaissance program recognizes students who maintain good grades and have excellent behavior when attending school.  There are two tiers to the program.  The Renaissance Card is awarded to students who have an 80% overall average in all classes and no F’s or D’s.  The Bear Card is for students who have managed to raise at least one class one letter grade, and have no F’s on their report card. In order to qualify for either tier, students must not have had ISS or OSS.

Plans are being made to reward students who make Renaissance and Bear T4, T5, and T6 with an extra special reward at the end of the year for students who manage to make Renaissance all semester.