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Mrs. Molly Russell - 7th Grade Counselor

To celebrate National School Counselor week, we wanted to learn more about earch of the women who help support our students and staff every day!  Today we are featuring our 7th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Molly Russell.

Where did you go to college?

Undergraduate: University of Scranton, (in Scranton, PA)

Graduate: C.W. Post, Long Island University


Did you always want to be a school counselor? Or did you want to do something else?

I always wanted to be a teacher as a kid.  I began my college career in Early Education but quickly changed to Counseling and Human Services.   I explored different careers in counseling by working at a pediatric outpatient facility and a group home for teenage kids however, I felt my calling is in the education field.  As soon as I finished my undergraduate degree, I jumped right into the graduate program for School Counseling at LIU..  

 Why did you decide to become a school counselor?

I love helping, advocating for those in need, and being inspired by others.  When I was a high school student, I had a coach that inspired my career path and fostered my drive to work with purpose, pride, and passion.  I enjoy listening to different perspectives and offer unconditional positive regard for my students.      

What’s your favorite thing about being a counselor?

I love that each day is different.  There is always something new to learn and someone new to talk to and support.  My favorite part is building relationships with students and hearing their stories and perspectives.  I have learned that when you give our students a voice and offer an opportunity to grow, they have so much to offer.  I especially love when I see a student's face light up when I cheer them on for their accomplishments, big and small.   

A lot of people are struggling right now – what’s your best “counselor advice” for getting through hard times?

I understand first-hand how life during a pandemic can take a toll on you emotionally and mentally.  It is important to focus on the positive and continuously believe in the good of others.  Self-care is so important, too.  Be sure you find something that brings you joy each day.