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Ms. Allison Thomas - 8th Grade Counselor

To celebrate National School Counselor week, we wanted to learn more about earch of the women who help support our students and staff every day! Today we are featuring our 8th Grade Counselor, Ms. Allison Thomas.

Where did you go to college?

I went to college at Appalachian State University...GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

Did you always want to be a school counselor? Or did you want to do something else?

At once point I wanted to be a News Anchor for a major broadcasting company. I saw New York in my future!!!

Why did you decide to become a school counselor?

My parents were both in the education field, so I guess it was always in my blood! I enjoyed helping people and making them smile. I knew I wanted to work in education. But I wanted a different path than that of my parents...Counseling was an easy fit for me! Best of both worlds!!! 

What’s your favorite thing about being a counselor?

My favorite part of Counseling is interacting with the students, staff, and parents. There is flexibility in counseling, so I can focus my energy towards the situation where I can be most helpful.

A lot of people are struggling right now – what’s your best “counselor advice” for getting through hard times? 

Even through the hardest time we can find a "silver lining". So, I encourage students to focus on the good. And always remember...No matter how rough a situation appears to be, there is always someone that loves them, and always someone who can help them.

The journey through Middle School is a journey that we take TOGETHER!!!