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It’s National School Social Worker Week!

It’s National School Social Worker Week!  This week our spotlight is on Ms. Cielo Poloche. 

One of the key pieces of any successful school is the social worker.  Social workers are professionals that support students and their families to meet social, emotional, and life adjustment needs.  Social workers help students cope with personal issues that impact behavior, school performance, and socialization.  At Parkwood Middle School, that wonderful bridge between our school and our community is Cielo Poloche. 

Ms. Poloche, a Boston University graduate, lives in Charlotte with her husband, two sons, and two cats.  Before joining the Parkwood family in 2018, Ms. Poloche worked as a social worker for foster care and adoptions.

When asked what draws her to this particular career, Poloche states “I enjoy working with families and children and I find it rewarding to help people feel better emotionally and try to help them meet their basic needs.”

Of course no job comes without occasional frustrations.  “I find it challenging when people don't want help but they are obviously suffering in some way.  It's hard when parents do not openly communicate with the school when their kids are in crisis.” 

In the end, what makes every day rewarding are the happy outcomes.  “I love seeing the success of a student or a family that was previously in crisis.  I love seeing challenging social problems between students resolved in a peaceful or empowering way.” 

When asked if she has any final thoughts, Ms. Poloche shares the following, “I could not do this job without the strong support of my team at school, and I appreciate them so much!”

 We appreciate you too Cielo Poloche!  Thank you for helping our families succeed and our students thrive.