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Renaissance Rewards: Parkwood press writer Madi Young interviews 6th grader Selah Wheat

The Parkwood Middle School Renaissance Program celebrates the academic and behavioral achievement of its diverse student body.  To qualify, students must maintain a "B" average and not have any major disciplinary actions on file.  In the coming weeks, we will be spotlighting a few Renaissance Award winners and trying to figure out how these excellent students are so successful.  Our first interview is with 6th grade student Selah Wheat.  Special thanks to Madi Young for this excellent piece of journalism!


Madi Young: Congratulations on making Renaissance. What is your secret to your successes? How did you do it?

Selah Wheat: My secret is staying on task, turning in work on time and studying for tests.

Madi Young: What are your plans for after high school?

Selah Wheat: Go to college.  I might go right after high school, or I might take a year off.  I might become a realtor.

Madi Young: What is your motivation?

Selah Wheat: Making my parents proud and knowing i have good grades.

Madi Young: What if your favorite color?

Selah Wheat: Blue!  


We hope Ms. Wheat means "Parkwood blue!!!!"  Stay tuned for more interviews with our amazing students here at Parkwood Middle School.