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Renaissance Rewards: Parkwood press writer Caroline Bidwell interviews 7th grader Lila Reeves

The Parkwood Middle School Renaissance Program celebrates the academic and behavioral achievement of its diverse student body.  To qualify, students must maintain a "B" average and not have any major disciplinary actions on file.  In the coming weeks, we will be spotlighting a few Renaissance Award winners and trying to figure out how these excellent students are so successful.  The next interview in our series is with 7th grader Lila Reeves.  Special thank you to Parkwood Press member Caroline Bidwell for submitting this excellent article for our website.


Caroline Bidwell: Are you all virtual or do you come into school, if so what days?

Lila Reeves: I come to school on Wednesday and Thursday.

Caroline Bidwell: What is your favorite subject?

Lila Reeves: Science, because there are a lot of fun projects and sometimes experiments.

Caroline Bidwell: What has been your favorite thing about this school year so far?

Lila Reeves: My favorite thing was that the school play still is happening this year and I'm really excited to do it.

 Caroline Bidwell: What has been your biggest challenge with virtual learning?

Lila Reeves: My biggest challenge is procrastination, but me and Molly Mayes work together by keeping each other motivated and we keep each other from procrastinating.

Caroline Bidwell: What are your plans after high school and how will you achieve that?

Lila Reeves: My plans after highschool are college (maybe) or perhaps opening a business. I hope to achieve this by saving up money and working hard.

Caroline Bidwell: Who is your favorite celebrity and why?

Lila Reeves: I don't have any favorite celebrities (I don't have any social media).

Caroline Bidwell: Congratulations on making Renaissance! What's your secret to success? How did you do it?

Lila Reeves: My secret to success is staying on top of work but making sure you do the things that you enjoy or else you will feel stressed and feel like all you're doing is school, take a break and have fun.


Congratulations to Ms. Reeves on a job well done.  Thank you also to Caroline Bidwell for the excellent journalistic reporting.  More student success stories to follow, so stay tuned!!!