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UCPS Partners with College Board to Offer a Webinar for AP Students & Parents

This year, the College Board has announced that Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be administered at home. This has never been done, and there are many considerations that must be taken into account. In an effort to provide parents, students, and teachers with information about these changes and resources that the College Board has made available, UCPS held a webinar on Tuesday, May 5. 

The webinar is now available to be viewed at The presentation from the webinar is embedded below. There are several helpful links from the College Board embedded in the presentation that you can click on. The best link from the College Board to find information about this year's administration of AP Exams can be found at In addition, a demo site for students to practice uploading their answers can be found at that link.

In addition, we have made an FAQ document available to attempt to answer any questions that have arisen. If you still have a question that your AP teacher cannot answer that is not on the FAQ, please visit to submit your question and it will be answered in the FAQ document.