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Savanna Beane is a UCVirtual Student of the Six Weeks

UCVirtual is proud to announce that Savanna Beane is one of their #VirtuallyAwesome Students of the Six Weeks!  In order to be a #VirtuallyAwesome Student of the Six Weeks, students have to be nominated by their teacher.  Savanna is a Junior and is taking Earth and Environmental Science taught by Mrs. Donna Irvin. Mrs. Irvin had this to say about Savanna, “Savanna is excellent at advocating for her own education. She attends all class meetings, never shy to ask a question. When she emails with questions or the need for clarification she is always polite and thankful. When an issue arises, she lets me know immediately. She occasionally asks for me to open assignments early so she can be free for a weekend competition. With so many students struggling to manage virtual learning, she has mastered the all-important skill of effective communication.”

Congratulations Savanna!