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Meet Charlee the Therapy Dog

Meet Charlee!  Charlee is a one and half year old, female, Golden Retriever and Piedmont High School’s new Therapy Dog. She was born in March of 2020 during the middle of the Pandemic in Statesville, NC.  Charlee lives will her handler, Ms. Ellis, who is one of the school counselors. Charlee loves meeting new people, is well-mannered, and could spend all day being scratched behind the ears! Ms. Ellis and Charlee spent the past year in training working with a trainer to get certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs to be here on Piedmont High School’s campus to work with students. The benefits of working with a Therapy Dog are numerous. Research has shown that interaction with a therapy dog can improve a student's academics by increasing focus and self-confidence.  They can also help improve a student’s physical and mental health. To learn more about Charlee and her journey, click here.