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Meet Nelson Janke, Exchange Student from France

Nelson Janke is one of several exchange students attending Piedmont this year, where he is experiencing America by living and attending school in a rural community.  Nelson is half French and half German and lives in a city called Mulhouse in France. Mulhouse is a 20-minute drive from the German and Swiss borders, so he has spent a lot of time in the three counties where he takes advantage of everything each country has to offer.  For example, while he lives in France, he attends school in Germany and goes to sporting events in Switzerland!  A fun fact about Nelson is that he enjoys training for and participating in triathalons.

Nelson describes his experiences in America thus far as amazing. Together with fellow exchange student Marcel, they have visited many different places and attended events throughout North Carolina.  For example, they recently went to the Blue Ridge Parkway, attended American football games, and even watched pig racing at the State Fair in Raleigh.  Nelson appreciates how friendly people in the Piedmont community are and his fellow students have also been really nice.  As for the rural lifestyle, Nelson comments that it is awesome and very interesting to be "in the middle of nowhere!"