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Lukac Recognized as UCPS Influencer

The UCPS Influencers Program allows people the opportunity to recognize staff members who have had a positive influence on them or who go above and beyond each and every day.  This month, Monica Frank honored Band teacher Jody Lukac with a nomination to celebrate the positive impact that he makes on the lives of our students and community at Piedmont.  Frank wrote, "This young man still to this day inspires me by the way he teaches and treats his band kids. He is always so positive and upbeat. This young man taught my daughter in band years ago, and I mean years ago and back then, he was so upbeat and loved his students.  I would do anything for the man, even sell doughnuts and fall in a hole at the football game again. He is family, and we hurt when he lost Cheryl. He has overcome so much in his young life."  

Mr. Lukac is a true inspiration to others, so congratulations Mr. Lukac on being nominated for the January 2022 UCPS Influencers Award!