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Piedmont Warrior Challenge

Recently, cadets from Piedmont, Porter Ridge, and Parkwood descended on Piedmont High School for the first annual Piedmont Warrior Challenge.  The mission: teams of two execute the new AFJROTC obstacle course twice while timed, and then complete the Mogadishu Mile while timed.  As cadets found out, that was not a simple task.  The obstacle course consisted of 8 obstacles, including a 7 foot wall, a low crawl in the mud and a rope swing over a swimming pool just to name a few.  The Mogadishu Mile event is named in honor of the United States Army Rangers and Delta Force soldiers that had to transit from a helicopter crash site to an appointed rally point during the Battle of Mogadishu on October 4, 1993.  This event consisted of a tire flip, a kayak carry (while being pelted by water balloons), a distance run and then the obstacle course.  Overall, everyone had a great time!  The 1st place team was Cadets Jericho Mayela of Piedmont High School and Aaron Beswick of Porter Ridge High School.  The 2nd place team was comprised of Cadets Turner Williams of Piedmont High School and Aadan Maggio of Parkwood High School.  Congratulations to all that completed this tough course!