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Students write about environmental crisis

Mrs. Knight and Ms. Miller’s 6th-grade language arts classes conducted research and wrote research essays regarding the environmental crisis of the overuse of plastic bottles, bags, and straws.  The astounding and alarming facts they learned will hopefully impact families in the Piedmont community and surrounding areas. “We should pay more attention to the plastic we are using in our daily lives and try to reduce the number of plastic bags we are using,” states Adam Cervantes.  

 The students worked diligently on posters for two weeks in the early morning hours before school in Ms. Miller’s classroom.  “We want to involve everyone at school and make them aware of the horrible problem of plastic pollution in our world today,” says Josee Smith. The passionate students increased school awareness as they encouraged everyone at Piedmont

Middle School to take the 4R’s pledge; Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle.  Both students and staff signed the pledge wall and are choosing to change their overuse of plastic bags, bottles, and straws.  We encourage you to join us and leave an environmentally friendly footstep not a plastic one.