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Dr. Little Receives Grant

Dr. Little is Granted Books from Donors Choose

Even weeks after the coronavirus pandemic forced American schools online, education leaders across the country have concluded that millions of children’s learning will be stunted. We must plan steps to help them catch up as they have lost months of reading knowledge. It is not possible to flip to digital and simply return to normal. One way to adapt to teaching face-to-face learners and remote learners and connect the two groups of students is through common literature and Live Book Club sessions.

Dr. Beverly Little, an English Language Arts teacher at Piedmont Middle School, recently received a grant from Donors Choose to fund the purchase of 100 copies of two Native American literature titles: Touching Spirit Bear and Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two. Dr. Little plans to use the texts in Live Book Club sessions to help her face-to-face and remote students compare the complex literature and explore diverse perspectives using the two Native American novels.