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Seniors to Receive Letters Written in 8th Grade

Seniors to Receive Letters Written in 8th Grade 

As the school year ended in June 2017, 8th grade social studies teacher, Ms. Sutton, worked with her students on setting goals for their high school years and beyond. Students were asked to set short term and long term goals, attempting to work through the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Students were encouraged to create a one page visual of these goals and benchmarks and place it at home where they could look at it every day and strive to achieve what was written.

Ms Sutton asked students to pen a short letter to their 2021 self, a senior in high school about to graduate.  Students were guided to reference their goals and dreams they had previously worked to develop and encourage their future selves to persevere and carry on. Suggestions were made to include small tokens or photos to mark their present and signify a gift to their future.

On May 10, 2021, Ms Sutton opened the time capsule box and mailed the self-addressed, stamped letters to Piedmont students.  She hopes the letters bring joy and encouragement to the young people taking the next steps in their lives.