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Mr. Hurst Receives Grant Worth $5,000

Mr. Hurst Receives Grant Worth $5,000

With just a two-paragraph essay, Mr. Lee Hurst, Piedmont Middle's computer science teacher, won a grant that will allow students to learn about space in a new way. His essay answered two essential questions: what does space exploration mean to you and how will it impact learning at your school.  

 "I discussed my own enthusiasm for space education and how all science disciplines are interconnected," Mr. Hurst explained. He also mentioned special lessons he planned with CTE partner teacher, Mr. Hill, to cover the NASA/JPL Mars 2020 mission landing of the rover on the surface of Mars.  

When given the choice between an instructional bundle of the Moon or Mars, he didn't hesitate in his choice.  "I’m inclined to request the Mars bundle due to its relevance right now and how it represents future potential for our students," he said. The prize package, which includes a Mars Pro Globe with augmented reality technology, robots, and sensor packs, is valued at $5,000.

The grant comes from the Aldrin Family Foundation.  "It feels like we could continue the work that the great Buzz Aldrin so heavily promoted," Mr. Hurst said of the program. Congratulations, Mr. Hurst! You make Piedmont Middle School proud.