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From Bee Bots to Student Robots: Poplin is celebrating Computer Science Education Week!

Computer Science Education Week is this week, December 3 - 7, 2018.  Poplin’s STEAM/Global Studies Teacher, Brooke Richmond, and Beth Medlin, Poplin’s Media Coordinator, have teamed up together to teach computer science to the whole school.  Every class in every grade will take part in the activities.

Kindergarten students will listen to the story of the Gingerbread Man and will remember the sequence of events from the story.  Then students will code a Bee Bot robot to follow the characters in the same order as the story. First grade students are learning how to program Bee Bot robots in a maze.  Students will work with iPads and a Bee Bot App and will plan out a course for their Bee Bot in a floor-size maze made out of blocks. Second grade students are participating in an unplugged activity.  Students will write out a code of directions for another student, a robot, to follow. The students have a huge grid to work through in the Media Center and items like hats, gloves, and scarves are placed throughout the grid.  Children have to code their “robot” to get to each item and put them on in order. Third graders are learning about binary code and using binary codes to make christmas ornaments. Fourth graders are using iPads to compete in a QR scavenger hunt.  Students have to solve binary code questions and decipher messages. Fifth grade students are competing in a digital breakout about binary code. Once students break out they get a treat! Other activities include programing Dot and Dash robots to work through a maze.  

Mrs. Richmond said, “We hope we are challenging the students to think logically and problem solve.  We are trying to teach them to work through their frustrations in order to figure the problems out.”  

This week isn’t the only time students at Poplin integrate technology with the curriculum.  In Studies/STEAM class with Mrs. Richmond kindergarteners have been using Bee Bot robots like NASA’s Insight robot that landed on Mars last Tuesday. The students used their understanding of estimation to guess how many moves it would take the robot to reach Mars. Lots of discussions took place in the classroom and the end of the lesson concluded with a challenge to demonstrate their skills.