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Student Artwork on display at Indian Trail Town Hall

This month the Town of Indian Trail invited each elementary school to submit 15 pieces of art work to display at the Town Hall in honor of March being National Student Art Month. On Wednesday, March 11, our school celebrated the artistic achievements of some of our Poplin students at the Indian Trail Youth Art Exhibit. The following students had art on display at the exhibit:

Abigail Scoggins
Kylee Glenn
Estella Granados
Marieke Lambooy
Chase Winter
Emelia Shapiro
Aden Dover
Vivienne Stellakis
Amna Terzic
Altina Zeneli
Akira Beckles
Eliyah Gorecki
Caylen Rodriguez
Brianna Forbes
Lucius St. John
Alice Whipple

Congratulations to these students! These works will be on display at Poplin as soon as we are able to return to school.