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Learning Happening at PRES

Mrs. Kramb’s reading class held two Socratic Seminars on Friday afternoon for students to discuss our novel studies.  The fourth grade students just completed the novel, A Wrinkle in Time, and 5th graders are in the middle of The Secret Garden.  Students have access to the full text online or have copies of the novel.  

For Socratic Seminars, students lead the discussion by coming prepared with two higher level questions about the novel.  The students take turns asking the questions and answering each other’s questions.  Students also critique each other in positive ways to help deepen the understanding of the text. The teacher is there to facilitate the discussion and to encourage the participants.  Mrs. Kramb’s readers did an outstanding job leading their first seminars through Google Meet!  We look forward to our next discussion and  for the fourth grade readers to start their new novel, Maniac Magee.


Learning in our upper grades