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The votes are in!

The results are in and all votes have been counted for class mascots!

Mrs. Kramb's AIG students from her different classes worked together in small groups to create a mascot that represents their classes. The students voted on Election Day. Below are the winners and the reasons why the group created the mascot. 

4th grade reading class- Sharp Readers
Reason for design - We are the sharp readers because we are very good at reading and our minds are sharp.

Sharp Readers

4th grade math class – Detective Mathematicians
Reason for design - We want to do this because not only do we like the way it looks we also think it represents us. We rule math and are really good at it! The image represents that we know so many different things in math and we believe this represents us big time! We said Detectives because we LOVE exploring new things in math and finding new ways to solve Math problems! We work really hard and we discover new things in math like long division, line plots and way more other things.

Detective Mathematicians

5th grade reading class – Profound George
Reason for design - George is very smart and intelligent. He loves books like us.

Profound George

5th grade math class – Einstein Octopus
Reason for design - The octopus is one of the smartest animals in the water.
It has many tentacles to do different things.

Einstein Octopus