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Porter Ridge gets creative!

Club members making funny faces. The Porter Ridge Creative Writing Club is up and running again as another school year begins. The club’s sponsor and mentor is English teacher Richard Boyles. The club President is Kylie Atkins and the Media Director is Jamie Marano. They meet after school every other Friday in room G112. The club is open to anyone who wishes to join.

The Creative Writing Club is full of creative students who enjoy expressing their creativity through their writing. This club is friendly and laid back, open for anyone to join. They enjoy sharing the various ideas that they have and expanding on them together.

Senior, Lauren Rogers, shared, “I love the friendly atmosphere. We can talk to each other openly about our stories or ideas and there’s never any judgement.”

When asked about sponsoring the club, Boyles stated, “I sponsor Creative Writing Club because my creative writing class is one of the most fulfilling classes that I teach, and I want every student to have an opportunity to at least get a taste of what the freedom of expression can offer.”

During their meetings, Boyles gives the members writing prompts and helps them improve their writing. They also critique each other's works (stories, poems, etc.) and give suggestions on what the author can do to improve it.

When asked why she was interested in joining, sophomore, M.J. Callahan shared, “My sister was writing a story, and she said that the Creative Writing Club helped her and it can help me too.”

Anyone looking to express their creativity through writing or just looking for a place to share their ideas is welcome to come to the meetings and join the club!


Kelly Callahan-12th grade student