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Umoja – Hear Us Roar!

Umoja Club members are required to pursue excellence. This means they must take their studies seriously, build appropriate behavioral skill sets, help those who are stumbling, and admit when they themselves warrant help.Umoja members pose at the November Madness event.

Therefore, Umoja sponsored Scholastic Aptitude Test Preparation classes (SAT Prep) on the following Wednesdays: September 26; October 3; and October 10, 2018. PR English teachers Juliet Kasler and Marissa Miller provided the English and Writing content and for the second year in a row PR Math teacher James Sweet provided the Math content.

Also, parents and their student members were invited for a Parent Meet and Greet at the Monroe Showmars. Thirty of the fifty-five members came and introduced their parents, received proposed calendar events for the year, and interjected suggestions for the planning of this school year’s events while enjoying dinner together.

On Friday October 26, 2018, Student Council sponsored The Fall Fest and Trunk or Treat Event. The majority of the clubs here on Porter Ridge High School’s campus participated. Umoja Club members donated candy, time and energy, decorating their designated door, distributing candy to the students coming from PR’s feeder elementary schools, and even had a dance off with some of the elementary students who were intrigued with the colorful music and activity occurring with the Umoja members.

The Umoja Round Table was held on Wednesday, November 7th and addressed “Rising Above Mediocrity.” The panel consisted of Sports Marketing teacher Collin Brandon, Officer Humphrey, French teacher Ron Crider, a guest psychologist and the club’s sponsor Earlene Hoff. Students were given the opportunity to express how they feel about Porter Ridge and their society. The goal was to raise students’ awareness concerning decision making. “It was a nice opportunity for all of us to come together and express our thoughts and feelings,” commented senior Bailea Petty.

On November 20th, UMOJA held a November Madness Basketball event. This event consisted of 3v3, half-court shots, a dance-off, dunking contest, and UMOJA cheerleaders. Some of the proceeds made will be donated to the Monroe Homeless Shelter. “The turn out we had for this event was great! I feel as if other students enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun!” said senior Taylor Adams.

The club’s pledge is, “I am powerful beyond measure. ROAR! I believe in myself. ROAR! I will succeed in life. ROAR! And daily I will encourage myself and others. We are and forever will be UNITED! ROAR!”


Author-Jasmine Joyner-12th grade Umoja Member