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Create, Make, & Take in the Media Center!

For the past four years, the Porter Ridge High School Media Center has hosted a Maker Series after school where students create and take items crafted by hand. These activities are hosted once a month in the Media Center and are led by different presenters including the media coordinator and media assistant. They last from 3 pm to 4 pm and include light refreshments.Students and a teacher work on Spooky Jars at the October Maker Series event.

Activities vary from month to month and usually include holiday themes, 3D printing, and art inspired crafts. For the month of October, PRHS Media Coordinator Regina Snelson showed the students how to make Spooky Jars from mason jars, crepe paper and Modge Podge. Students made ghosts, pumpkins, and there was even a zombie!

When asked why she started the Makers Series, Snelson said, “I started the Makers Series at PR so that students have the chance to try out new things, to make items with their hands and to help foster an atmosphere of creativity.”

In November, students melted crayons to make crayon art. Using blank canvases and hairdryers, students melted crayons onto the canvases while designing a piece of art. Some students made abstract paintings while others drew out trees or a starry night sky.

Freshman Avonlea Arnette, stated, “I love the Makers Series! It’s nice to get out of the boring daily life of being a high schooler and do a fun craft with friends.”

Upcoming events include Holiday Candy Jars in December and Cookie Decorating in February. If interested, students should watch for announcements and look for the sign up link on the Media Center’s website page. 


Author-Kelly Callahan-12th grade student