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Time to prepare for exams!

As the first semester at Porter Ridge High School comes to a close, students and teachers are preparing for the exams that will take place the week of Jan. 14th through 18th. The Friday before Jan. 14th, students will have a review period during 1st block and 1st block Pirate Prep to prepare for the first exam on Monday.Student studies for exams.

Students will take their first block exam on Monday, Jan. 14th, second block exam on Tuesday, Jan. 15th, third block exam on Wednesday, Jan. 16th, and their fourth block exam on Thursday, Jan. 17th. After each exam, a review period and study session will be held. Friday, Jan. 18th will be a make up exam day for any students who may have missed an exam.

Throughout this week, students will be reviewing and studying for the upcoming exams. Here are a few study tips to help prepare:

  • Create a study calendar and stick to it
  • Ask your teacher for a study guide and USE it
  • Attend all review sessions offered and go to tutoring for extra support
  • Have your parents ask you questions about the material
  • Make flashcards on your computer or phone to practice important vocabulary words
  • Stay after school to study-you can stay in the cafeteria until 5:00 p.m. each day
  • Create an acronym, or a funny saying, or song to remember specific information

If students are looking for more tips, they can check the Pirate Press that was sent out on Dec. 21st on the exam info page. If parents are interested in the school schedule during exams, they can go the the PRHS website and click on the link found in the Announcements section.

Good luck to all students, and don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before exams!

Author-Kelly Callahan-12th grade student