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Students holding their college textbooks that are used in their online college classes.

“Advanced Placement” and “Career and College Promise” are course options that allow high school students the opportunity to get ahead in college while still in high school! Both programs are available to PRHS students.

Advanced Placement (AP):

Porter Ridge High School offers numerous AP classes! AP classes can be taken in school or online through North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS). Following the end of the course, students take the Advanced Placement test which is required to earn college credits. Depending on the college requirements, credits are awarded to students that score a 3 or above.

Kelly Crowell, the AP US History teacher for PRHS, commented, “Students that embrace advanced placement courses, such as APUSH,  excel at an academic level and also learn skills that prepare them for college.”

Career and College Promise:

Career and College Promise is offered to students that meet eligibility to attend community college courses while still attending high school. These credits can be used as dual enrollment  for graduation requirements and course work toward an associate degree or for transfer credit at a their post-secondary college.

PRHS Counselor, Shari Davison, stated, “Career and College Promise -if met by eligibility-is a great way for students to earn dual enrollment in high school. These classes are off campus at South Piedmont Community College and offer a variety of courses to our students, who travel from the PRHS campus to the college during the school day.”

To learn more about either program click the “Parents and Students” tab at the top of the Porter Ridge High School homepage, scroll down to “School Counseling” and use the sidebar to choose either “Advanced Placement” or “Career and College Promise.”  

Author-Amber Brumfield-12th grade student