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PR's got game

Gaming Club group shot The Gaming Club here at Porter Ridge High School is a place where students who are interested in video games go to discuss and play after school. Anyone who loves to play and be around others of the same interest is welcome to join! Female gamers are welcome too!

James Sweet is the club’s sponsor and a PR Math teacher. When asked about why he  wanted to advise Gaming Club he said, “I wanted students to have a safe place to be able to come and hang out with their friends and relax by playing games. Students today have a lot to do and think about, from classes and homework, to college planning and SAT’s and ACT’s. Gaming Club is a place where students can come to take a break from that and recharge while having fun with their friends.”

James (JR) Johnson is the club’s president and founder. He founded the club his freshman year in 2015. Johnson commented, “I'm glad I was able to start this club, and I hope that future endeavors doing the same type of thing will be something I can do in the future.”

Senior Bree-Yanna Matheny commented, “I enjoy Gaming Club because it gives a group of like-minded people a chance to organize and work together to achieve common good.”

Some members of the club also participate in the Matthews Smashers tournaments in Matthews. The club is currently working on a school-wide tournament, possibly this spring.

Ninth grader Nathan Volpe stated, “The reason I joined this club is that I find it relaxing and fun to play games with people that share the same interests as me. Overall, I would recommend this club to anyone that plays or enjoys games.”

The club charges $10 for yearly dues that goes to games, consoles, and future events. Gaming Club meets every Thursday from 3-4:30 pm in E102. All gamers are welcome!

Author-Haley Smith-11th grade student