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Crochet and chill

New to Porter Ridge this year is the awesome Knitting and Crocheting Club which offers a unique, fun, and relaxing atmosphere where students can learn how to Knit and/or Crochet!

The club is very welcoming and encourages students of all experience and skill levels to join. “You don't need to have any experience,” said club President Alyson Gonzalez, “Also, guys can totally do it too, it isn’t just girls.”

The club meetings are fun, very relaxing, and everybody is there to just have a good time while learning a new skill. “If I hadn't come to the club, I would have never been inspired to make scarves, blankets, and more,” added sophomore MJ Callahan.

“The club is great because it's a time where everyone can just hang out and forget about whatever they're stressed about. Everyone gets along in the club as well-so that makes for a great environment,” said club Vice President Nadia Karzouz.

English teacher Marissa Miller, the club's sponsor, shared how she feels about the club's welcoming atmosphere, “It just really makes me happy that they have a space where they can be themselves.”

The club is currently doing work for a charitable organization called Knit-A-Square. As part of this endeavor, club members knit or crochet an 8-inch by 8-inch square. The squares are then sent to the Knit-A-Square organization where they are used to make blankets, hats, clothes, etc. for children in South Africa.

The club meets every other Thursday after school in Miller’s room G106. The meetings usually last from 3 to 4 p.m. and bringing in snacks is encouraged, but by no means required. Anybody wishing to join the Knitting and Crocheting Club can simply come to a club meeting and participate. 

Author-Tommy Fulton-12th grade student