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PR celebrated Earth Day!

NC Farms brings plants, pots and potting soil for students to pot their chosen plants.

On Tuesday, April 16th Porter Ridge High School hosted the fourth annual Earth Day Fair. The Media Center partnered with Jill Smart’s third period Earth Science class to set up and run the fair. Students spent the week before meeting in the Media Center where Media Coordinator, Regina Snelson, instructed them on creating effective display boards and interactive games for the fair.

Snelson commented, "I organize and coordinate the fair each year to remind students how important it is to take care of the Earth. We focus on the key elements the Earth gives us that sustain life like clean air, clean water, ecosystems, plants and food. Students love learning about taking care of their environment in a fun and interactive way. Each table has a display, a game and a prize for students who visit the table. It is a great way to celebrate Earth Day!"

Smart's students were separated into groups of 3-4 and had a topic that correlated with becoming more aware of the impact humans have on the Earth. The topics ranged from “Reducing Your Carbon Footprint” to “Food Waste” and each table had a game that was linked to the topic. For example, the “Upcycling” table had a matching game where students had to match the original item to what it had been upcycled into. One set from the game was matching a pair of old jeans with a bag that had been made from the jeans.

Guidance Counselor Mr. James tries out a game.

The World Language department at PR also helped with the fair by creating posters in Spanish, French and English using phrases like “Celebrate Earth Day” and “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse” that decorated the cafeteria area and reminded students that the Earth Day Fair was happening.

Prizes were donated by Renfrow Hardware, Lowe's Home Improvement Store-Matthews, Town of Indian Trail, QT, National Guard of NC, and the U.S. Army. NC Farms came, set up a table, educated students on plant choices and provided all necessary materials for students to pot their chosen plant and take it home!

Smart commented, “I love seeing students learn their subjects well and share their knowledge with their peers! The games they created encouraged other students to participate. All students were rewarded with prizes for learning about ways to protect our environment.” 

Students were asked about their experience at the fair. “Every year I look forward to learning more about the environment and getting a plant at the Earth Day Fair!” senior Nicole Conti said.  Senior Morgan McCall added, “It’s always nice to learn a little more about the environment!”

The Media Center is hoping the fair helped students be mindful of their environment and looks forward to celebrating Earth Day again next year!



Author-Kai Galordi-12th grade student