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PRHS outstanding senior: Douglas Daniels

Douglas Daniels with Perfect Attendance Award on Academic Signing Day


This year Porter Ridge High is showcasing outstanding seniors in a series of website articles. One such senior is Douglas Daniels who has achieved perfect attendance for his entire school career.

Daniels has not missed even one day of school since he began in kindergarten.That means that in the last thirteen years he has attended approximately 2,330 days of school!

When asked about the advantages of having perfect attendance, Daniels said, “The advantage was more experience in class and more help from teachers and classmates. Also being able to exempt some of my exams.” He also added, “The pride in having perfect attendance is knowing that I'm the only kid to have perfect attendance in my graduating class.”

Daniels was also asked about the drawbacks to having perfect attendance and he said, “The disadvantages were that in life you’re always going to have at least one day where you don’t feel like going, but I always push through to get through the day and that is one of my main ways of getting perfect attendance.” He added, “But what my mom taught me was in life in order to be outstanding in school is to show up, you can never get a job if you don’t come into work.”

Daniels’ advice for students would be “To never give up; come to school. Don’t take the easy way, take the right way, and lastly you don’t have to be perfect; just do your best.”

Congratulations to 2019 PRHS Outstanding Senior Douglas Daniels!

Author-Bailey Calkins-11th grade student