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PRHS outstanding senior:  Camila Moreno

Camila Moreno during graduation walk to PRES. This year Porter Ridge High is showcasing outstanding seniors in a series of website articles. One such senior is Camila Moreno who was nominated as an outstanding student leader. This year she served as the Student Body President

When asked about her experience as a class leader, Moreno said: “Being a class leader is more than a title or a way to show your ability. It’s about connecting with students and the people that are meant to be following you.The most important quality in becoming a class leader is caring about the cause. Your abilities and leadership abilities come second. When you care about a cause, people will realize it and they will follow.”

Moreno’s advice on finding the way in high school through leadership: “I think that if you ever find yourself as an outsider by making a club and being a leader in school you can find a way to find the place in which you belong.”

Congratulations to 2019 PRHS Outstanding Senior Camila Moreno!


Author-Cambria Bondi-12th grade student