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PRHS school counselors advise on how to be successful in high school

Wondering what every student needs to be successful in high school? Well, search no further! The PRHS School Counseling Department is here to save the day and give out a quick tip or two that can lead to great success next year and for the entire high school experience.Counselor helps student with CFNC

Shari Davison, lead counselor, stated,"The most important things I believe for students to be successful in high school are to be present, pay attention to what is being taught, and become involved  in the school community whether through clubs, sports or another extracurricular activities."

When asked his thoughts, new counselor during the 2018-2019 school year, Bryan James commented,"The most important thing for high school students to be successful is to have a positive attitude about life, respect their teachers and come to school willing to learn. It is important that students take pride in their education and strive to be their best."

The newest addition to the School Counseling Dept., Carly Patterson added, "The advice I would give to students for being successful in high school is learning how to master time management. This includes creating study schedules (and sticking to them!) and developing a successful organizational method. Students should also make sure they are balancing their academics with extracurricular activities and taking time to do things they really enjoy so that they can be their best selves when they come to school."

Need to see a school counselor this summer? One of the counselors will be here every day the school is open in the summer. Students who would like to meet with a counselor over the summer should email their counselor to set up an appointment as they are each working different days. During summer counselors will be enrolling new students and working on schedules for next school year. See the School Counseling page for more help and counselor's email addresses.