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Avoid the "Summer Slide"

As summer begins, students start their long-awaited break from school. It’s a wonderful time of fun, playing outdoors, going on vacation, hanging out with friends, and so much more! But amidst this excitement and fun, lies the often forgotten “Summer Slide.” The Summer Slide refers to when students begin to lose and forget the knowledge and skills they gained during the school year.Tommy Fulton holding up his favorite books

This loss of learning is also referred to as “Brain-drain” or “Summer Learning Loss” and according to many studies can have quite a substantial impact on students. So, what can students and parents do to prevent this? Listed below are suggestions that can help with the summer slide according to articles from both the Washington Post and

Washington Post

Do something new

Plan a vacation with the family

Get a summer job

Do volunteer work

Go to an outdoor movie festival

Start a family book club

Do something that opens your world

Summer programs

Family reading programs

Specialized summer camps

Summer enrichment

Summer journaling

Turn daily activities into learning opportunities

Learn locally

PRHS Media Coordinator, Regina Snelson, also commented, "This is the perfect time for students to keep their brain active by reading. The Union County Public Library has a great summer reading program that not only offers prizes for reading and recording what you read, but also has STEAM activities at their Monroe branch. Students should check out the UCPL website and see what's available to do this summer."

Whether by the pool or inside escaping the heat, remember to avoid the Summer Slide!


Author-Tommy Fulton-12th grade student