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Public Safety: guest speakers teach about real world careers

New Public Safety teacher, Patrick Raynor, is connecting real world careers with the content of his Public Safety course by inviting guest speakers who not only present information about career requirements and available jobs, but also bring their equipment and vehicles.

So far this school year, PR's SRO Humphrey visited Raynor's classes on August 30th to speak to students about a variety of career choices in the Public Safety field, Law Enforcement and the Union County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Bryan Kindley from Monroe Fire Dept visited on September 12th with fire trucks and other members of Monroe FD and Unionville FD. Students were able to see fire safety equipment, the inside of fire trucks and the many gauges used when putting out fires.

Recently, classes started studying Emergency Medical Services. Captain Shannon Terrell from Union County EMS addressed the classes on September 19th and brought an ambulance to show the students. Students were able to get inside the ambulance, see the equipment used and even try out the pulse/oxygen oximeter.

When asked about the best part of having guest speakers, classmates, Jaime Besio, Ilianny Coeto, and Mollie Fuller commented,"Having guest speakers that have experience in the different careers has helped us better understand the careers that are in public safety. We are glad that Mr. Raynor has been able to give us the opportunity to efficiently learn about these careers. Mr. Raynor is the best teacher and has taught us a lot."