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Cross Country: running strong this season

PRHS Cross Country Team  2019 The PRHS Cross Country team is running strong this season! The team has pulled through thick and thin and each team member has really shown strength. Between runners such as Caroline Fagan and Dominic Conroy placing nearly every meet and the team scoring a second place win at Parkwood, the team is running hard.

At The Rebellion XC Invitational on September 14th, both the boys and the girls team secured second place-the boys with a score of 56 and the girls with a score of 43.

Caroline Fagan, the team’s top girls’ Varsity runner whose seasonal record is an impressive 19.36, had this to say about the sport, “Hard work can help get you to reach your goal, but it is the encouragement of your teammates that really is the driving force behind why and how you reach your goal.”

But cross country isn’t all about time and placement. It is a sport with a close-knit community accompanied by traditions such as team pasta dinners before meets or “breaking it down” each race with the ever-present oar. The team’s mantra, row the boat, is a symbol of how hard work pays off. And it certainly shows with this team!

Erin Lynch, a senior who has run cross country all four years of her high school career, also put in her thoughts, “When I initially joined cross country, I never expected the team to be as great as it was. All of the teammates spanning across all grades were welcoming and encouraging. The coaches we’ve had throughout the years have all pushed us beyond our limits to improve ourselves. Cross country is not just a good sport but also a great community.” 

From its team building to relentless positivity, cross country is certainly more than just a high school sport- it’s an experience like no other.



Author-Emma Taylor-12th grade Cross Country runner