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PRHS celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th to October 15th was Hispanic Heritage month. Porter Ridge celebrated in a variety of ways. Students who have taken Spanish at PR honored Hispanic culture by doing daily announcements of famous Hispanic people who have made a huge impact.

For example, a Spanish II student focused on Lin Manuel-Miranda and his works such as Hamilton and In the Heights. Students also hung up many posters in the halls that had images reflecting Spanish culture. Student dressed in authentic clothing from Mexico.

In some Spanish classes the month was celebrated with food and games from Spanish speaking countries. In Señora Gabriela Grello’s class students chose different Spanish speaking countries to research and learn about. At the end of the unit, they had a fiesta celebrating all the different cultures. The students brought in authentic Hispanic food to try, they played sports and games from the countries such as soccer and baseball and did presentations about the countries. 

Students were able to showcase their leadership skills while learning about different countries and discovering some of their fellow classmates are from the celebrated countries. Some students shared their ancestry and pictures of the countries of their ancestors. 

When asked about celebrating Hispanic Heritage, the following comments were made.  

“Hispanic Heritage month has given me the opportunity to learn so much about these amazing cultures in such a fun way," commented sophomore Gracie Helms.

Spanish teacher Sra. Grello added her thoughts in Spanish, “Cada vez que celebro otras culturas y por supuesto la cultura latina con mis estudiantes es lindisimo.  Me encanta verlos probar comida y bebida nueva, bailar, jugar, cantar, practicar futbol o el tenis (por ejemplo), romper pinatas, y oir el ruido de emocion y alegria. Es un honor para mi!” 

“Me encanta la manera que la Sra Grello celebra este mes, de mi experiencia con profesores/as de español, ella ha sido una de las únicas que incorpora esa importancia en su clase, la mejor parte siendo que los estudiantes lo aprecian también,” senior Spanish student and peer tutor Becca Quintero added.

Author-Kaitlyn Linker-11th grade Span II student