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PRHS Castaways bring home awards at NCTC

PRHS Theater III and IV students competed in the North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC) High School Play Festival on Friday, November 8th at Rocky River High School. The cast presented The Actor's Nightmare and TracksActor's Nightmare Cast Picture

Theatre teacher, Todd Ford, commented, “This year for the NCTC play festival Porter Ridge High School’s Castaways explored the fear of being unprepared in The Actor’s Nightmare and what happens after death in Tracks.

Several castmates commented on the experience:

"I enjoyed meeting talented actors and seeing different plays. It was an indescribable feeling on stage," senior Olivia Davis said.

"I heavily enjoyed meeting new people and the positive atmosphere that the other schools brought. It made me feel strongly about my play and I would love to go again," junior Ryan Epp added.

 "I really had fun at my second year in NCTC. It's always a fun experience and learning how to have proper audience behavior is a good lesson, especially since it is my major. It's always nice to have these theatre moments," senior Cameron Hightower said.

The cast earned the following recognitions:

Excellence in Subtext: The Actor's Nightmare

Excellence in Thought Provoking Theatre: Tracks

Congratulations to the PRHS Castaways!